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Do you want to GROW your online presence but get stuck on what to post EVERYDAY??? We have the solution for you!

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Social Media Toolkit 2022

Build a strong online presence that increases your sales conversions despite these difficult times without spending a lot of money

Use social media to build authority, engage your followers, increase sales and present yourself as an expert.

  • Generate More Sales and Leads

  • Get a strong following of customers who will TRUST you, which will build a strong base of people who will buy from you over and over again.

  • Connect With Your Customers

  • Your regular presence will keep you and your business at the top of your prospect's and customers' mind.

  • Build Authority

  • Position yourself as an AUTHORITY in whatever field you are in, in just a couple of minutes everyday, and create a raving fan base.

  • Stress-Free

  • You no longer have to waste time thinking of how to engage with your followers. Just follow the Tool Kit.

  • FREE with your Social Media Toolkit

    Value: P2,700

    Facebook Ads Secrets

  •  Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account

  •  Creating Your Facebook Ad Account

  •  Setting Up Your Payment Methods

  •  Editing Your Business Settings

  •  Adding / Creating Facebook Pages

  •  Ads Manager Setup for Lead Generation

  •  Ads Manager Setup for Ecommerce

  •  Creating Your Facebook Pixel

  • More Powerful Bonuses (Value: P2,850)

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    Get The Complete Social Media Toolkit 2022

    Value of Toolkit: P5,000

    Value of Bonuses: P5,550

    Total Value of Package: P10,550

    Pay today only: P97

    Here's what you get:

  • 5000+ graphics for social media sharing so you can schedule engaging posts without spending so much time

  • Social media calendar guide for posting. You can simply re-use it every year. These are post ideas that you can use and customize to fit your business or service. Easily editable

  • 30 Editable Canva templates you can use for posts and ads designed for product sales and special offers

  • BONUS 1: Facebook Ads setup tutorial so you can setup your business manager and ad accounts in case you want to venture to paid ads (if you haven't done so yet)

  • BONUS 2: Three (3) ebooks on related fields (bitcoin, pinterest and ecommerce) so you can learn some valuable insights on your free time

  • BONUS 3: Links to very valuable software and other resources you can use for free to supercharge your digital journey, such as free website builder, free social media scheduler for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok

  • BONUS 4: Various free tutorials which I regularly update to help you in your digital marketing journey

  • For optional Power Upgrades that will blow your mind, see details below

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    SMT Power Reseller Bundle

    P400 add-on

    (Total P497)

  • Social Media Calendar for Resale (w/ PLR) [P3,000 Value]

  • 14,000 Graphics for Resale (w/ PLR) (Image Quotes) [P15,000 Value]

  • 100 eBooks with Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights [P100,000 Value]

  • 30 Video Tutorials with Private Label Rights and Resell Rights [P20,000 Value]

  • 250,000+ Quotes [P10,000 Value]

    40,000+ are arranged by topic. Others in order by Author, in alphabetical order. Arranged in excel file, easy to copy and paste.

  • Bonus 1: Guide to FREE resources in the internet, including millions of copyright-free graphics, music, software and 75+ MILLION eBooks!!! We have downloaded 30,000+ of the bestsellers eBooks for you (only if you want it). (Value: Priceless)

  • Bonus 2: Digital marketing courses with Master Resell Rights (Value: P16,850)

  • Bonus 3: Health-related courses with Master Resell Rights (Value: P18,900)

  • Bonus 4: 20 Digital marketing courses to help you learn a lot of skills (Value: P30,000)

  • Bonus 5: Facebook Ads course to help you setup your accounts properly (Value: P4,100)

  • Bonus 6: 1-click link to copy my websites used in selling the Social Media Toolkit products. You just need to change to your details (P10,000)

  • Bonus 7: Watermarker software so you can sell images to your customers separately or bundle with ebooks. You can charge a higher price for this. Watch the demo above to learn how (Value: P1,997)

  • Bonus 8: Guide to legitimate, thousand dollar certificate courses on digital marketing so you can build your brand fast (Value: Priceless)

  • Bonus 9: My own tutorials to help you in digital marketing based on my own personal experiences running 50-100 ads everyday (Value: Priceless)

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    When the world shut down last year, a lot of businesses closed down and so many people went jobless. More than a year hence, we are still insecure

    No one is certain if there will be upcoming wave 2s or wave 3s or wave 4s. Nobody knows if all of sudden there will be more hard lockdowns coming, or if these sudden surges and stronger variants will remain to disrupt our lives for a longer time.

    But all is not lost. While a lot of businesses went bankrupt, there were a few others that earned so much money more than ever... historical highs. So why were they able to earn more when others were down? Two things...

    Most of the businesses that earned millions and billions during the pandemic were businesses that had these two characteristics: 

    1. These businesses were online, and

    2. They had an online delivery system

    Let me present to you, the SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT DELUXE & the SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT POWER RESELLER BUNDLE- your very affordable opportunity to have an ONLINE BUSINESS with an ONLINE DELIVERY MECHANISM. And these low-priced offers can't be found anywhere else at this ridiculous price and will only be available at this lowered rates as add-ons to the Social Media Toolkit

    So just in case you want to offer digital products for sale to maximize profits and be like the pandemic money-makers, here's a special surprise for you, a limited-time offer to upgrade for a tiny add-on. If purchased later, regular price of P394 for Deluxe and P997 for the Reseller will be charged and that's on top of the P97 you will pay now.

    It's time to stop being hostage to ECQ, GCQ, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Surge 1, Surge 2, Surge 3, Alpha Variant, Beta Variant, Delta Variant, Lambda Variant and just recently the Omicron Variant and all these other things that are threatening our future. It's time to ask ourselves: Do we adjust and move forward, or should we just wait and get left behind? Are we sure this will not remain for the years to come?

    Latest News Around The World in 2022

    Are you ready for 2020-Too? Do you have a backup plan when we are forced to shut down again? Are you ready to conquer the digital world?

    Reasons Why You Need This Package:

  • You can do this business anywhere you want, as long as there is internet connection. You can travel, take care of your kids, visit your friends from far away or relocate anytime you want without disrupting your source of income

  • Your income is protected even from calamities. Last December 16, my province of Bohol was terribly damaged by Typhoon Odette. We suffered serious damages and losses and inconvenience, but my income kept coming as my ads were still running. During the typhoon, I had 60+ ads running and I continue to run these ads. Physical business were damaged and so many are closing for a very long time, but my digital business continues to hustle for me, helping me rise up faster. As of this day, we still have no power, no water, no fuel, and communication is intermittent. Many businesses need major repairs before they can open up again, but people doing business online somehow find relief with continuous flow of income

  • COVID is still around and continues to threaten us, especially with the Omicron variant rearing its ugly head. With an online income source, you will not be affected by lockdowns. You might even benefit from it

  • Since there are no physical inventories, no stocks, you won't be burdened with heavy capitalization, spoilage, theft and other risks. It's an online business with an online delivery system, and a big chunk of the processes can be automated so that you continue to earn even while you sleep

  • People who do not equip themselves with digital marketing skills or do not find a way to earn online will get left behind and sacrifice not only their future but their families' as well

    Here's Why You Need This NOW!

  • Earn Even On Lockdowns

    With digital marketing, you are not held hostage by persistent lockdowns and quarantine. We don't know when this will end, these lockdowns and quarantines and waves 1 and 2 and 3 and whatever. You can earn when other economies will recover by selling and offering services abroad even when we are down.

    Earn Anywhere

    By getting opportunities to earn online, you can earn anywhere you want and the only requirement is decent internet connection and of course your device. You can work at the beach, at the mountains, and even while taking of your growing kids or ailing relatives. The borders of the world are open for you.

    Earn Anytime

    By running your affairs online, you can work at any time zones. You can work for clients abroad, or sell your products and services to people across different time zones. You can get project-based income so you can work at your best time. Online opportunities allow you to budget your time efficiently so you have time for your family

    Last Dec 16, 2021, we in Bohol were severely devastated by Typhoon Odette. There was almost zero improvement even after 2 weeks. Fortunately, because my digital business is done online and delivered online, I was still able to continue my livelihood.

    8-hour lines at gas stations

    Empty grocery shelves

    Homes in disarray

    If you want an income source that is least unaffected by lockdowns and calamities, then this business is for you

    Buy Now!

    Below are the titles of 40 resellable ebooks in the DeLuxe Promo Bundle

    Below are the titles of 60 additional resellable ebooks in the Reseller Bundle for a total of 100

    Below are the FREE Video Tutorials in the Reseller Bundle

  • Here's another awesome bonus if you get the upgrade

    FREE with your PLR Upgrade

    Value: P2,700

  •  Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account

  •  Creating Your Facebook Ad Account

  •  Setting Up Your Payment Methods

  •  Editing Your Business Settings

  •  Adding / Creating Facebook Pages

  •  Ads Manager Setup for Lead Generation

  •  Ads Manager Setup for Ecommerce

  •  Creating Your Facebook Pixel

  •  Adding Facebook Pixel on Wordpress

  •  About the Facebook Pixel Helper

  • Your Facebook Video Tutorial also includes these additional topics

  •  Adding Lead Event Code on Your Page

  •  Your Ad Copy and Your Ad Creatives 

  •  Conversions Campaign for Lead Generation

  •  Understanding Campaign Objectives

  •  The Built-in Video Creator in Ads Manager

  •  Simple Split Test Campaign

  •  Security Measures in Limiting Ad Spend

  •  How To Spy on Other People's Ads

  •  Split Testing

  •  Duplicating Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads

  •  Creating Audiences

  •  Retargeting

  •  Other Ad Hacks

  • Here are some things you can do with your digital products with Private Label Rights (PLR) and Resell Rights

  • Offer as bonus to your existing products for sale to increase your conversions

  • Use as articles for your blog posts and earn from blogs. 1 ebook can easily create 10 blog posts

  • Use as source material for your Youtube video

  • Sell as individual products

  • Sell through a sales funnel (from a low-priced bundle up to a higher priced collection, just like what I am doing now)

  • Use as lead magnets

  • Use on a podcast

  • Create a membership site with it or add to your existing membership sites to keep your customers

  • Use as bonuses in affiliate marketing to help you sell other people's products and earn huge commissions

  • Offer the images to different social media pages and put their logo as an added bonus

  • The opportunities are boundless. The only missing ingredient is you and the strong desire to win!

  • Full Reseller Bundle includes FREE digital marketing video tutorials

    These BONUS Tutorials will complement your Social Media Toolkit so you can implement effectively

    Search Engine Optimization

    Ecommerce & Dropshipping

    Social Media Marketing


    LinkedIn Organic Marketing

    LinkedIn Advertising

    Pinterest Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Twitter Timeline Ads

    Sales Funnels

    Website Design

    Split Testing

    Online Learning

    Paid Traffic

    Bridge Pages

    Hiring and Outsourcing

    Hi! I'm Greggy Gatal, and I've been doing digital marketing (not regularly) for my own businesses the past 9 years, and now doing this full time due to the pandemic. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you will find this as a good opportunity to generate wealth for yourself so you will have more time to spend with people who matter in your life. See you on the inside!