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  • Earn Even On Lockdowns

    With digital marketing, you are not held hostage by persistent lockdowns and quarantine. We don't know when this will end, these lockdowns and quarantines and waves 1 and 2 and 3 and whatever. You can earn when other economies will recover by selling and offering services abroad even when we are down.

    Earn Anywhere

    By getting opportunities to earn online, you can earn anywhere you want and the only requirement is decent internet connection and of course your device. You can work at the beach, at the mountains, and even while taking of your growing kids or ailing relatives. The borders of the world are open for you.

    Earn Anytime

    By running your affairs online, you can work at any time zones. You can work for clients abroad, or sell your products and services to people across different time zones. You can get project-based income so you can work at your best time. Online opportunities allow you to budget your time efficiently so you have time for your family

    Latest News Around The World from
    Dec 28-31, 2021

    Are you ready for 2020-Too? Do you have a backup plan when we are forced to shut down again? Are you ready to conquer the digital world?

    Reasons Why You Need This Package:

  • You can do this business anywhere you want, as long as there is internet connection. You can travel, take care of your kids, visit your friends from far away or relocate anytime you want without disrupting your source of income

  • Your income is protected even from calamities. Last December 16, my province of Bohol was terribly damaged by Typhoon Odette. We suffered serious damages and losses and inconvenience, but my income kept coming as my ads were still running. During the typhoon, I had 60+ ads running and I continue to run these ads. Physical business were damaged and so many are closing for a very long time, but my digital business continues to hustle for me, helping me rise up faster. As of this day, we still have no power, no water, no fuel, and communication is intermittent. Many businesses need major repairs before they can open up again, but people doing business online somehow find relief with continuous flow of income

  • COVID is still around and continues to threaten us, especially with the Omicron variant rearing its ugly head. With an online income source, you will not be affected by lockdowns. You might even benefit from it

  • Since there are no physical inventories, no stocks, you won't be burdened with heavy capitalization, spoilage, theft and other risks. It's an online business with an online delivery system, and a big chunk of the processes can be automated so that you continue to earn even while you sleep

  • Here are the two packages you can get for only P997. These are individually sold at P997 each and regular pricing will resume when timer runs out

    Template Treasure Chest Business Pack

    canva templates for sale
  • 2000 Canva Graphics Templates (Value: P100,000)

  • PDF File with thumbnails of each graphic for easy reference and access (Value: P7,997)

  • Commercial Rights so you can use the templates for your clients' projects (Value: P9,997)

  • Reseller Rights so you can resell the templates and and earn a lot of money (Value: P9,997)

  • Private Label Rights so you can resell the templates with option to edit and even claim ownership. This will not only earn you a lot of money, but will also build your brand (Value: P99,997)

  • 1-click link to copy this website so you can have a ready made template to sell these templates. Just change the details to your own (Value: P10,000)

  • Bonus 1: How To Convert Video Tutorial (Value: P1,997)

  • Bonus 2: Crafting An Offer Video Tutorial (Value: P1,997)

  • Bonus 3: 300+ Powerpoint Templates (Value: P30,000)

  • Bonus 4: 300+ Creative backgrounds (Value: P30,000)

  • Bonus 5: 1000 Quote Images (Value: P997)

  • Total Value: P302,976

    Social Media Toolkit Reseller Pack

  • Social Media Calendar for Resale (w/ PLR) [P3,000 Value]

  • 14,000 Graphics for Resale (w/ PLR) (Image Quotes) [P15,000 Value]

  • 60 more eBooks (total 100) with Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights [P100,000 Value]

  • 30 Video Tutorials with Private Label Rights and Resell Rights [P20,000 Value]

  • 250,000+ Quotes [P10,000 Value]

  • Bonus 1: Guide to FREE resources in the internet, including millions of copyright-free graphics, music, software and 75+ MILLION eBooks!!! We have downloaded 30,000+ of the bestsellers eBooks for you (only if you want it). (Value: Priceless)

  • Bonus 2: Digital marketing courses with Master Resell Rights (Value: P16,850)

  • Bonus 3: Health-related courses with Master Resell Rights (Value: P18,900)

  • Bonus 4: 30 Digital marketing courses to help you learn a lot of skills in this field (Value: P30,000)

  • Bonus 5: Comprehensive Facebook Ads course to help you setup your accounts properly (Value: P4,100)

  • Bonus 6: 1-click link to copy my websites used in selling the Social Media Toolkit products. You just need to change to your details (P10,000)

  • Bonus 7: Guide to legitimate, thousand dollar certificate courses on digital marketing so you can build your brand fast (Value: Priceless)

  • Bonus 8: My own tutorials to help you in digital marketing based on my own personal experiences running 50-100 ads everyday (Value: Priceless)

  • Total Value: P227,850

    Buy Now!

    Our images are full of life

    You can edit / replace the backgrounds and the elements that you see moving. You can even change the animations

    Last Dec 16, 2021, we in Bohol were severely devastated by Typhoon Odette. Fortunately, because my digital business is done online and delivered online, I was still able to continue my livelihood.

    8-hour lines at gas stations

    Empty grocery shelves

    Homes in disarray

    If you want an income source that is least unaffected by lockdowns and calamities, then this business is for you

    Buy Now!

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  • Are you struggling with graphics?

    Watch this video and learn how easy it is to produce great creatives
  • Watch the short Demo Video Below

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    Awesome Bonuses from the Graphics Treasure Chest Business Pack

    Bonus #1

    This book is called How To Convert; the critical factors to master if you want to convert visitors into buyers. Conversion is an industry term that you commonly hear centered around product launches, sales pages, and it’s the metric that we gauge the success of a product launch by.

    This training will guide you on how to sell your products and services

    Bonus #2

    This training talks about how to create a compelling offer that converts and leads to profit because it’s not just about making sure that it converts visitors into buyers, it’s not even only about the earnings per clicks, it’s how much did you actually profit from that offer.

    Together we work as a team and our goal is always to shoot the best photographies.

    Bonus #3:

    300+ Powerpoint Templates

    Presentation templates so you can make a compelling to your prospects and leads in a short span of time

    Bonus #4:

    300+ Backgrounds

    Use these backgrounds to create stunning websites and increase your conversions

    Bonus #5:

    1000 Quote Images

    You can use these quote images (jpg format) to make sure you have something readily available now

    Below are the titles of 100 ebooks with Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights

    Here are some things you can do with your digital products with Private Label Rights (PLR) and Resell Rights

  • Offer as bonus to your existing products for sale to increase your conversions

  • Use as articles for your blog posts and earn from blogs. 1 ebook can easily create 10 blog posts

  • Use as source material for your Youtube video

  • Sell as individual products

  • Sell through a sales funnel (from a low-priced bundle up to a higher priced collection, just like what I am doing now)

  • Use as lead magnets

  • Use on a podcast

  • Create a membership site with it or add to your existing membership sites to keep your customers

  • Use as bonuses in affiliate marketing to help you sell other people's products and earn huge commissions

  • Offer the images to different social media pages and put their logo as an added bonus

  • The opportunities are boundless. The only missing ingredient is you and the strong desire to win!

  • This Promo Pack includes FREE digital marketing video tutorials

    These BONUS Tutorials will complement your Digital Marketing Inventory so you can do this business effectively

    Search Engine Optimization

    Ecommerce & Dropshipping

    Social Media Marketing


    LinkedIn Organic Marketing

    LinkedIn Advertising

    Pinterest Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Twitter Timeline Ads

    Sales Funnels

    Website Design

    Split Testing

    Online Learning

    Paid Traffic

    Bridge Pages

    Hiring and Outsourcing

    Hi! I'm Greggy Gatal, and I've been doing digital marketing (not regularly) for my own businesses the past 9 years, and now doing this full time due to the pandemic. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you will find this as a good opportunity to generate wealth for yourself so you will have more time to spend with people who matter in your life. See you on the inside!