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Watch this video ONLY IF you are looking for a super AFFORDABLE PANDEMIC-PROOF INCOME OPPORTUNITY that you can do anywhere in the world and offer or sell worldwide as well, so you can finally create great income while spending time with your loved ones without being afraid of lockdowns or quarantine or any other regulation that affects the usual income-earner

When businesses went bankrupt and people went jobless worldwide due to lockdowns, there were businesses and professions that made a TON of money. These are their two major similarites:

1. They had an online presence
2. They had an online delivery mechanism (software, ebooks, coaching, videos, etc) 

This deal below will make you sell worldwide, anywhere you want!

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The Best Digital Business-in-a-Box for you!

It's time to stop being hostage to ECQ, GCQ, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Surge 1, Surge 2, Surge 3, Alpha Variant, Beta Variant, Delta Variant, Lambda Variant and all these things that are threatening our future. It's time to ask ourselves: Do we adjust and move forward, or should we just wait and get left behind? Are we sure this will not remain for the years to come?

People who do not equip themselves with digital marketing skills or do not find a way to earn online will get left behind and sacrifice not only their future but their families' as well

Here's Why You Need This NOW!

  • Earn Even On Lockdowns

    With digital marketing, you are not held hostage by persistent lockdowns and quarantine. We don't know when this will end, these lockdowns and quarantines and waves 1 and 2 and 3 and whatever. You can earn when other economies will recover by selling and offering services abroad even when we are down.

    Earn Anywhere

    By getting opportunities to earn online, you can earn anywhere you want and the only requirement is decent internet connection and of course your device. You can work at the beach, at the mountains, and even while taking of your growing kids or ailing relatives. The borders of the world are open for you.

    Earn Anytime

    By running your affairs online, you can work at any time zones. You can work for clients abroad, or sell your products and services to people across different time zones. You can get project-based income so you can work at your best time. Online opportunities allow you to budget your time efficiently so you have time for your family

    Here's Everything That You Get

    (With Resell Rights, keep 100% Profit)

    • Social Media Calendar  [P3,000 Value]

    • 14,000 Graphics (Image Quotes) [P15,000 Value]

    • 60 eBooks with Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights [P20,000 Value]

    • 30 Video Tutorials with Private Label Rights and Resell Rights [P20,000 Value]

    • 250,000+ Quotes          [P10,000 Value]

    • 40,000+ are arranged by topic. Others in order by Author, in alphabetical order. Arranged in excel file, easy to copy and paste.

    Total Value: P68,000

    Bonuses: P90,750

    Super Sale Price: P597

    BONUS: Free Video Tutorials on Digital Marketing!

    Free Video Courses - Digital Marketing
    testimonial 1
    testimonial 2
    testimonial 3
    testimonial 4

    Learn and Earn from all these products

    Viking Signature Series Video Tutorials with Private Label Rights

    You want more??? Here you go!!!

    I will also teach you where to get the best INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE COURSES for FREE if you purchase the P997 bundle, just like the ones I earned below!!!

    • Guide to FREE resources in the internet, including:

    • millions of copyright-free graphics, music, software and 75+ MILLION eBooks!!!

    • We have downloaded 30,000+ of the bestsellers eBooks for you (only if you want it).

    • Digital marketing courses with Master Resell Rights

    • High-quality videos & ebooks also with Master Resell Rights

    • Teach you where to get International Certificate Courses for FREE

    Total Value: P68,000

    Bonuses: P90,750

    Super Sale Price: P597

    Yes, I Want To Be a Digital Entrepreneur!!

    Check the short video to see the partial list of free courses included for you to learn. More free courses coming!

    What can you do with these products?

    • Sell the products as they are, or sell individually

    • Learn from them and use them to train your staff

    • Sell books individually on various sites like Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, etc

    • Translate to various languages and sell on foreign platforms

    • Print the eBooks and sell the physical products

    • Create your own training course and sell it

    • Use as content for your blog posts and articles

    • Sell the graphics with branding. Use the WATERMARKER to offer additional service to your customers

    • Use as Bonuses to your existing products to increase sales. The ebooks are in various niches

    • You can rebrand the ebooks and videos and claim as your own (Private Label Rights)

    Total Value: P158,750

    Super Sale Price: P597

    Yes, I Want To Learn & Earn!

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    FREE with your Social Media Toolkit

    Value: P2,700

    Facebook Ads Secrets

  •  Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account

  •  Creating Your Facebook Ad Account

  •  Setting Up Your Payment Methods

  •  Editing Your Business Settings

  •  Adding / Creating Facebook Pages

  •  Ads Manager Setup for Lead Generation

  •  Ads Manager Setup for Ecommerce

  •  Creating Your Facebook Pixel

  • testimonial slideshow

    Your Facebook Video Tutorial will also be UPGRADED to include more topics

  •  Adding Facebook Pixel on Wordpress

  •  About the Facebook Pixel Helper

  •  Adding Lead Event Code on Your Page

  •  Your Ad Copy and Your Ad Creatives 

  •  Conversions Campaign for Lead Generation

  •  Understanding Campaign Objectives

  •  The Built-in Video Creator in Ads Manager

  •  Simple Split Test Campaign

  •  Security Measures in Limiting Ad Spend

  •  How To Spy on Other People's Ads

  •  Split Testing

  •  Duplicating Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads

  •  Creating Audiences

  •  Retargeting

  •  Other Ad Hacks

  • Watermarking for more income opportunity

    Add this to your purchase. For a small additional amount (total P897), you get the following add-ons:

    -Watermarking software add a logo to hundreds of images all at once. You can offer this service to millions of business pages not just in the Philippines, but worldwide. It is very easy to use. Even 1 sale can earn you back your small investment here

    -Forty (40) more ebooks with Private Label Rights and Master Resell RightsEarn more by also selling or giving resell rights to your customers.

    -You could earn so much with this tiny upgrade. You can also use these as bonuses to your existing products to increase your sales. These products come with Private Label Rights, which means you can rebrand and modify and claim authorship.

    -Watch the video above to get an idea how you can add to your income using this software

    For GCash, BPI or Unionbank Funds Transfers, see account details at the bottom of this page

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